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What We Do

Design & Molding

XYZ-EDIT is a 3D molding company. Our team develops product designs and packaging while producing clean production molds for individuals and large scale entities. We create product models, scenes, and concept art with the latest 3D design software to achieve outstanding results.

XYZ-EDIT produces production-ready molds for large scale manufacturing, commercial kitchens, and hobbyists. We prioritize utilizing food-grade materials manufactured within the USA to ensure safety standards while providing clients with beautiful, clean, and food safe quality.

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Materials & Mold Layout


Mold material and layout are design-dependent. For simple molds requiring less detail, a polycarbonate mold would be a cost-effective solution. We use silicone for products that require extreme detail or if the mold needs to split into multiple sections based on your products design complexity. We use food grade material for both polycarbonate molds and silicone molds.


Jordan Haynes - Owner & Operator

3D Department & Mold Production.


Jordan Haynes is a 3D designer, 2D package illustrator and mold manufacturer. He combines 3D design & rendering with 2D package illustration along with mold production techniques to bring your product to life. "Custom work is my favorite part of design, clients have such creative and surprising ideas, and the best part is that I get to bring them to fruition."