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About XYZ

XYZ-EDIT is a 3D design, 3D render, and molding company. Our team develops product ideas, and packaging while producing clean production molds for individuals and large scale entities. We create product models, scenes and concept art using the latest 3D design software, design suites, technologies, and techniques to achieve outstanding results.

We believe rendering out a design is the best solution for a team to visualize their idea or product. This phase creates an opportunity for your team to discuss new design features before the next stage of development. Visual renders are a great way to eliminate potential oversights while saving your company time and money. 

XYZ-EDIT produces production-ready molds for large scale manufacturing, commercial kitchens, and hobbyists. We prioritize utilizing food-grade materials manufactured within the USA to ensure safety standards while providing clients with beautiful, clean, and food safe quality.

Materials & Mold Layout

Mold material and layout are design-dependent. For simple molds requiring less detail, a polycarbonate mold would be a cost-effective solution. We use silicone for products that require extreme detail or if the mold needs to split into multiple sections based on your products design complexity. We use food grade material for both polycarbonate molds and silicone molds.

Direction & Future

A few of our goals are to continually improve, maintain, and implement safe work practices while expanding our facility's molding capabilities and techniques. We listen to our client's feedback and develop new workflows and procedures to achieve the best result possible for their product and needs. 


Jordan Haynes - Owner & Operator

3D Department & Mold Production.

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Why I created XYZ-EDIT

To design and develop ideas into finished products, by helping people bypass creative obstacles. XYZ-EDIT develops products using creative solutions for difficult problems and challenges with a fresh perspective.


I believe what started my design career was working on computers at a young age for gaming purposes. I started out repairing the family computer and by repairing, I mean breaking out the old F-disk to reinstall windows and its drivers, most likely from having changed a value in the registry (before I learned to back up). Over the years, I learned how to repair drivers, manually clear caches, review windows errors, and ended up working with 2D Illustrative programs (yes, I started with windows paint for a design program), eventually I began creating component lists building entire computers. Attempting to attain the fastest speed in regards to computer hardware.

My general interest in gaming had evolved into a great passion for 2D logo illustration, utilizing the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape and later Illustrator. I produced custom designs using an online platform for companies interested in new logos, web and mobile app designs. Through failures and successes, I continued to develop the skills necessary to produce quality work and improve my methods for design. I set out on a goal to refine my 2D illustrative work, creating company logos, webpages, mobile apps, and then finally game design.

After learning the basics of coding, modeling, texturing and animating I went crazy. The art of 3D design and 3D rendering became a bright and colorful new world. 3D design is an absolutely exciting and creative way to express ideas through beautiful displays and imaginative scenes. Rendering 3D models with natural-looking materials and features while building environments with realistic lighting can be quite the experience. My excitement for game design and its chaotic variables had inadvertently taught me that 3D rendering could discover flaws or product oversights before continuing to the production stage.



Design companies, studios, large scale manufacturing, commercial kitchens, and hobbyists with a passion.

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