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Visual Product Development

3D Modeling & Design

XYZ-EDIT designs and develops 2D & 3D content for companies, entrepreneurs and solo artists. Utilizing the flexibility of a 3D environment enables a new kind of control in product expression. Models, packaging, concept art, custom images and unique scenes are easily adjusted or tuned-in before the final cut.

Imagine all of the possibilities using 3D as a medium, camera angles, motion, characters, and demos. Anything is possible. It allows you to create some truly stunning imagery using a sequence of perfectly timed events and actions.

Illustration & Packaging

Are you looking for an illustration or package design for your brand? XYZ-EDIT develops box designs, custom artwork for printed bags, marketing materials, product instructions, restaurant menus, you name it. If you already have a design and want to see it on a product container or packaging of choice, we can model your packaging in 3D and texture your artwork onto the container, bag, ect. 

Render & Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video must be worth a million. A video of your product in motion interacting with a scene, or precisely timed still shots make an impactful presentation. Vibrant and action packed or a slow motion calming expression of art, it's entirely up to you and your products direction.

3D Printing

We use the following three types of 3D printers (4k-SLA-Project), (DLP-Laser) and (FDM-Hotend) for producing functional prototypes. Looking for high strength and luster? Your model can be 3D printed and wax cast using the following materials: copper, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass, gold, or silver. 

Social Media

Artists & Developers

Looking for a 3D designer to collaborate on a new project? Head on over to the contact page!

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Owner & Operator

Jordan Haynes

3D Designer, 3D Printer, 2D Illustrator, Prototype Developer and Image Editor.

Designing 3D & 2D content for clients for over thirteen years and loving every second of it. Combining 3D modeling & 2D illustration along with various production techniques to bring your ideas and products to life.

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