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We specialize in silicone molding!

Material Info

Quick Info

Food Grade

We use food grade silicone for our edible molds, as it's durable, long lasting, hypoallergenic, flexible, great for undercuts, and locks in extreme detail.

Material Properties

Durable & Flexible 

Silicone stands up better against heat and cold than most plastics. It can be used as a reliable solution (as opposed to rubber and thermoplastic elastomers). Its chemical stability prevents it from affecting any substrate it comes in contact with such as, skin, water, active ingredients, etc.

A silicone mold generally requires little or no mold-release or surface preparation, as most materials do not adhere to silicone.

Mold Design & Layout


Silicone rubber is our preferred choice for a production mold as it can be can be used in a variety of molding and crafting methods. We design standard top pour molds and 3D molds that can be split into multiple parts for complex models with undercuts and extreme detail. 

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