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Design, Render, Animation, Prototypes & Images

XYZ Services

3D Design - Render & Video


XYZ-Edit develops custom models, products, proto-types, animations, scenes and props. If you already have a 3D design that needs to be adjusted, reworking or enhancing an existing file is totally possible. We've fixed various issues people run into with models they've downloaded online and intended to 3D print using resin printers.


Rendering is done after the design stage. It's time to create stunning visual renders of your product, concept, model, scene or packaging. You decide on the environment, lighting, emotion and action. From there we setup a draft scene and make adjustments along the way to the final result.  


We design attention grabbing video content for Instagram advertisements, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts. Some products need a little extra love and creative influence. We believe the best way to gain product attention is by utilizing motion, color, sound, and personal statements the audience can relate to.

Custom Package & Labeling

Premium Package Design

XYZ-EDIT creates custom packaging and labels for products and branding. We can reproduce the flow and style of your brand or if requested develop a completely new look utilizing existing templates or starting from scratch using a manufacturer's variety of custom shapes and packaging options. Once you're satisfied with the design, we deliver print ready files so you can start production with your preferred printing facility or local manufacturer.

Photo Editing & Composition

Image Detail & Quality

XYZ-EDIT enhances product photos, restores personal images and various graphics to the desired quality and detail for personal use, commercial use and social media platforms.


We adjust everything from lighting to removing and adding objects, changing colors, adding visual effects, realistic skin retouching, altering expressions, color balancing, correcting visual defects and many more visual enhancements.

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