Develop custom Renders, Animations, Prototypes & Images

XYZ Services

3D Design, Render & Animations

Anything Is Possible With 3D

XYZ-EDIT Designs and develops custom products, animations, and video. Creating unique branding materials, shapes and beautiful styles. Once your design is near completion, I produce a visual render of your model to verify the quality and accuracy of the 3D design. After review and direction is confirmed, I finalize the product model, render and set the desired output filetype, size and dimensions for the platform destination.

Custom Package & Labeling

Premium Package Design

XYZ-EDIT Creates custom packaging and labels for products and branding. I reproduce the flow and style of your brand or if requested develop a completely new look. I can utilize existing templates or start from scratch using a manufacturer's wide variety of custom shapes and packaging options. Once you're satisfied with the design, I deliver print ready files so you can start production with your preferred printing facility or local manufacturer.

Expert Image Editing

Image Detail, Quality & Speed

XYZ-EDIT Enhances, restores and manipulates product photos and various images to the desired size, quality and detail for personal use, commercial use and social media platforms. Anything from altering the lighting, removing & adding objects, changing colors and specific details, adding visual effects, realistic skin retouching, changing object placement, retouching expressions, light matching and many more types of visual enhancements.