Developing custom edibles for the cannabis industry

XYZ Services

3D Design & Render

Edible Branding

XYZ-EDIT designs and develops custom edibles creating unique brands through gourmet patterns, shapes and beautiful styles. Once your product is near completion, we produce a visual render of your model to verify the quality and accuracy of the 3D design. Weight specific products? Not a problem, we calculate model size and volume based on the density of your product formula.

Custom Package & Labeling

Premium Packaging

XYZ-EDIT Designs packaging and labeling for your product. Our team reproduces the flow and style of your brand or if requested develops a completely new look. We develop a wide variety of custom shapes and packaging options. Once you're satisfied with the design we deliver print ready files so you can start production with a preferred printing facility or local manufacturer.

Production Molds

Quality & Speed

XYZ-EDIT manufactures food-grade silicone molds. We use silicone materials, allowing us to reproduce ultra fine detail from 3D blanks. Our silicone molds can be divided into multiple parts which allows us to create models with undercuts or multiple sides. We reserve your 3D files and 3D blanks in order to produce new molds once your facilities production rates increase.